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You have found the first and only live scanner feed for Sullivan, MO! We welcome you and your friends to visit and listen into all the activity in and around Sullivan...24 hours a day, 7 days a week.This site will always remain free of charge to users...as long as you visit our sponsors at the bottom of the page. Look for special money saving offers from local businesses...they are changed and updated frequently, so check them often!

What can I expect to hear?
Our scanner is programmed to the 16 most active frequencies in and around the Sullivan area. You'll hear every thing from patients being transported from one hospital to another to warrants being served throughout the area. You can also hear road conditions, occasional weather conditions, etc. It is very rare not to hear radio traffic with the frequencies we scan...there are things happening all around us all day and night, and now you can hear them live right here!  Here is a list of the channels you are hearing:

Also, feel free to use the chat room over on the right hand side of the screen. Here you will be able to chat with others from the area in real-time about the happenings you are hearing over this site. This is a family oriented site...any abusive, racist, or otherwise idiotic chatters will be banned from the site for good... so please use common sense while chatting!

Go grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and have some fun!

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151.340 Franklin County Sheriff
154.340 Franklin County Sheriff
155.730 Sheriff Net
158.775 Franklin County EMA
154.385 Franklin County Fire
154.430 Franklin County Fire
155.280 Franklin County Fire

155.385 Franklin County EMS
151.085 Franklin County Road
155.340 HEAR
155.700 Sullivan PD
155.415 Crawford County Sheriff
155.835 Crawford County Fire
154.235 Crawford County EMS
168.125 Mark Twain National Forest

155.595 Missouri State Water Patrol
151.400 Missouri Department of Conservation
151.325 Missouri Department of Conservation
154.680 Missouri Common Channel
155.475 Nationwide Police Interop
155.370 Statewide Highway Patrol
151.040 MODOT Dispatch
10-0: Caution 10-25: Disregard last assignment 10-50: Accident
  J1: Minor (no injuries)
  J2: Serious (injuries)
  J3: Road blocked
  J4: Fatality
10-75: not used
10-1: Unable to copy -- change location 10-26: Hold subject 10-51: Wrecker needed
  J1: Has been notified
10-76: En route ...
10-2: Signal good 10-27: Officer on duty 10-52: Ambulance needed
  J1: Has been notified
10-77: not used
10-3: Affirmative, granted 10-28: Full registration
  J1: Vehicle
  J2: Driver
10-53: Coroner needed
  J1: Has been notified
10-78: not used
10-4: Message received 10-29: Check record
  J1: Criminal history
  J2: Wanted/Warrants
10-54: Drag racing 10-79: Report progress of fire
10-5: Relay
  J1: Personnel
  J2: Property, papers, etc
  J1: Prisoner
10-30: Unnecessary use of radio 10-55: Suspected DUI
  J1: Charges will be filed
  J2: Make your own case
10-80: not used
10-6: Busy -- stand by 10-31: Alleged narcotics violation 10-56: Intoxicated pedestrian 10-81: not used
10-7: Out of service 10-32: not used 10-57: not used 10-82: Reserve lodging
10-8: In service
  J1: Personal
  J2: Vehicle maintenance
  J3: Court/Dept. business
10-33: Emergency 10-58: not used 10-83: Residence
10-9: Repeat 10-34: Trouble at station - help 10-59: Convoy or escort 10-84: not used
10-10: Minor detail, available for call 10-35: Major crime alert 10-60: What is the next message #? 10-85: not used
10-11: Remain in service 10-36: Confidential info 10-61: CW traffic 10-86: not used
10-12: Visitor/Offical present 10-37: Subject w/ gun 10-62: Teletype traffic 10-87: Pick up/distribute checks
10-13: Weather -- road report
  J1: Flying conditions
10-38: Danger - need immediate help 10-63: Any answer our number? 10-88: Present telephone number of...
10-14: Correct time 10-39: Go to for the purpose of
  J2: Check of traffic
10-64: Message for local delivery 10-89: Comm. employee needed
10-15: Have in possession
  J1: Personnel
  J1: Property, papers, etc
  J1: Prisoner
10-40: Car-to-Car traffic 10-65: Net message or item assignment 10-90: Alarm sounding
  J1: Hold up
  J2: Burglary
  J3: Fire
10-16: Vehicle check 10-41: Beginning tour of duty 10-66: Message cancellation 10-91: Too weak, speak into mic
10-17: Urgent - Rush present detail 10-42: Ending tour of duty 10-67: Clear for net message 10-92: Too loud, back off mic
10-18: Anything for us? 10-43: not used 10-68: Dispatch information 10-93: Frequency test
10-19: Nothing for us, negative 10-44: Message received by all 10-69: Message received 10-94: Give a test
  J1: With voice
  J2: Without voice
10-20: Location 10-45: not used 10-70: Fire 10-95: Bomb Call / Threat
10-21: Call...by telephone 10-46: not used 10-71: Advise nature of fire 10-96: Computer out of service
10-22: Report in person to (HQ unless otherwise)
  J1: At once
  J2: At your convenience
10-47: not used 10-72: Report progress on fire 10-97: Criminal history
  J1: Felony arrest
  J2: Armed & Dangerous
  J3: Obstruct/assult officers
  J4: Sex offender
10-23: Arrived on scene 10-48: not used 10-73: Smoke report 10-98: not used
10-24: Assignment completed 10-49: not used 10-74: not used 10-99: Wanted/stolen indicated
  J1: Municipal warrant
  J2: Misdemeanor
  J3: Felony
  J4: Caution
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